The Early Years

When I opened my eye for the first time on that autumnal afternoon (or was it morning?) of the 25th of September , I was ready and already rocking the 70’s look. Yep, my mummy told me that I came out with a fully formed fro! But as soon as it my hair was introduced to air and water the fight begin

From as far back as I can remember until the age of about 7 or 8, every Sunday evening I would have my weekly cry as my mum would braid and twist my hair the the schooling week. My natural hair is so thick and my scalp so sensitive I would spend the following 30 minutes after ‘the ordeal’ (and of course during) weeping and I remember my dad saying ‘just cut it off it it’s causing so much grief’ or something to that effect. So as a compromise, my hair was permed. You remember that scene in Coming to America when Darryl’s family leave a parting gift of a Soul Glo wet patches, sadly I remember remember those days. For a number of year I curly permed then moved to relaxing. Why am I telling you this so you understand that my hair has know a lot of chemicals over the decades and I think as a result my hair will respond diffidently… She says!


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