2 Months Mark

So what I’m finding is that my hair DOES NOT like transitioning one little bit! The having two textures thing is a no no. My hair is breaking left right and centre, and before you ask I am doing only co washes, deep conditioning weekly but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference to the relaxed hair. It’s not massive clump of hair but I’ll notice a new shorter area from time to time. Honestly I’m not too surprised as the difference between my natural hair and relaxed hair is like oil and water. My nature hair is very thick and strong and my relaxed hair is weak and thin and it’s a simple as that. I wanted to try and transition without doing the big chop but I’m thinking that I either need to braid or weave or cut it. I might pick a super short style that wouldn’t look too odd with super curly roots haha!

Some positive news, I’m loving how my new growth is feeling. After a wash I can feel a delightful bed of ringlet overlaying my scalp :o) yay we’ll get there in the end! I have about a half an inch curl (longer stretched) which looks super healthy a shiny. So really I just want to encourage anybody that is finding that their hair is breaking that they are not the only one. I honestly am not to worries because as I mentioned it’s the relaxed hair that is breaking and by new hair seems to be growing well and looks healthy.

I will add that I did change my diet to clean  high protein. I try to avoid any processed for food anyway, but I am making a conscious effort to make sure I’m eating fresh and lean! I think I’ve just found a new blog title.


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